10 Reasons Why Should Students Wear School Uniform


The school uniform and school clothes avoid discrimination between students that may involve the use of certain brands and clothing. According to the school uniforms debate, comparisons and distractions among students are avoided since the school uniform ends with competitiveness when dressing, avoiding social differences in dress and favoring the union between students so that they can focus on learning.


Companies make school uniforms with fabrics and materials of the highest quality designed for everyday use and for its specific use, guaranteeing durability, comfort and great resistance. Special emphasis is placed on the search for the best and most suitable fabric for each garment and its daily use. Comfortable and functional clothes.


School uniforms in the medium term provide significant savings and help families to save the family budget. Since there is less spending on school clothes. In addition, if the school clothes are of the highest quality, they can be used for several courses and even be given to brothers and friends, increasing the family’s savings.


The school uniform helps to correct image and lends itself to personal decorum. It is a chord dress to go to study that emphasizes its educational function as opposed to another type of clothing for leisure time. Teachers are prevented from having to control whether the student’s clothing is appropriate or not for school.


The fact of wearing a school uniform infuses group values and creates the “school spirit” reinforcing the feeling of being part of an educational group.


School uniforms help schools to promote correct discipline since from the beginning students are accustomed to following certain rules and regulations. The students attend dressed according to the educational activity.


In line with school uniforms statistics, the school uniform is of practical importance, the daily conflict between the student and the family is avoided, and the morning routine is speeded up. With the school uniform you save having to choose clothes every day and their possible discussions. The “what do I wear?” is avoided. In addition to that many school clothes have a clear practical function, for example, they protect and avoid staining clothes, facilitate activities etc.


The school uniforms contribute to publicize the educational center in the environment and also in the outings, excursions, activities, etc. They advertise the school and they keep the students identified.


It is easier to control who is a part of the educational center. When a uniformed child enters, a student enters. The school uniform keeps students identified and controlled on outings and excursions etc.


With the school uniform the student understands that the school cannot be dressed in the same way as in leisure time. Separates in the mind of the student the time of education and time for leisure, and predisposes him to study and get away from the distractions that casual clothing can bring. Demonstrated the pedagogical work of school uniforms, against it argues that school uniforms inhibit individuality, creativity and free expression, forcing students to submit to rules. Although the vast majority of educators maintain that this is achieved with an academic program that develops individual thinking and creativity

School uniforms pros: design, experience, quality


Companies that provide students with school uniform considered as the reference of the sector and endorsed by more than 30 years of experience. Throughout the last 30 years companies have acquired all the necessary knowledge about what is the most appropriate use for each fabric and materials, selected the best suppliers and developed the most innovative techniques of tailoring and customization, which have allowed the brand to consolidate as a leading company in the sector with rapid and sustained growth. It is important to create quality garments at the best possible price, with the most beautiful and original designs, and customized for each client.


Companies have their own factory with a large production capacity. In addition, production is reinforced by various collaborating companies that meet high quality and control standards. Department of design, pattern making, tailoring and customization is there to manufacture any model that the customer needs at factory prices.


Companies work exclusively with the best quality fabrics on the market. They offer multiple proposals where the intensity of color, the amazing prints and the innovative treatment of fabrics are always the main protagonists when speaking about school uniforms for girls and boys. Color, smoothness, design and quality are the trademark of the school uniform brand. A complete children’s fashion collection that covers all the children needs during the school year. Modern and fun designs with a wide variety of fabrics, colors, embroidery and prints. Top quality at attractive prices. We create exclusive models, always in line with the latest trends, without forgetting the main objective that is comfort and resistance, the true protagonist.


Companies offer direct factory prices without intermediaries to offer high quality school clothes at prices below market.


Companies offer a personalized service for each Educational Center to be able to respond to all your needs and create school uniforms and personalized designs, fully customizable.


Companies have a design department specialized in fashion to help you design all kinds of original and innovative school garments and offer complete advice to the client.


Companies make all kinds of school clothes. Starting with different lines, where color and smoothness predominate in fun designs. Companies make any school garment that you need. (Baby’s, school jackets, backpacks, sets, jerseys, polo shirts, etc.).


Companies have a large staff to manufacture and serve in short delivery times and guarantee a quick replacement service during the whole course. They manufacture replenishments without limits throughout the course.


Staff is formed by trained personnel in each department to be able to offer the best service. They all have great experience in creating school uniform.


Extensive experience allows offering exclusive and innovative products. Each year they renew catalog with new designs and products to offer complete coverage and help educators in the exercise of their function.