The American dream essay thesis: expectations, harsh reality and hope in vain

First of all, let’s clarify the term “American Dream” that should rather be “American dream” because that’s where everything is simplified.

It is the opportunity to achieve more wealth than they could have in their countries of origin; for others, it is the opportunity for their children to grow up with a good education and great opportunities; Finally, some people see it as the opportunity to be an individual without restrictions imposed because of race, class, religion, etc.

Throughout time we can realize that the American dream thesis is just a US propaganda so that more people come and do more work of labor and thus increase the production of their markets and products, we have realized that this affects immigrants because there is a lot of racism between different races in the US and actually every time more people are going to get the “American dream” only a small percentage gets it and the others are left in misery. The problem is within the Mexican borders, but that is not the reason why human rights violations committed unjustly against our countrymen must be allowed. It is unfair that an undocumented person receives the treatment of a criminal, perhaps the United States forgets the famous phrase of the Declaration of Independence: “All men are created equal”. There are few who achieve a professional career in the United States that are not Americans.

Besides that it is a lie you do not win as you wish in the future, there are better places to earn more or in the place of origin you can earn a lot of money, a serious example that a Mexican would go to the US would earn 2000 dollars a month and a Latino will earn 22000 pesos per month is a very large difference of money and balance per month. The image of the gringo that comes to Mexico spending dollars is inaccurate: Almost all these tourists leave in two weeks what they were gathering laboriously all year.

And they go back to work to pay for the debt they took to go to “Mexico “.

The reality is that the standard of living in the United States can be good, if one knows how to manage. Most, unfortunately, we do not know.

According to the American dream thesis statement, the American dream is only a product for the globalization of the US to be able to transport products and increase labor.

Young people do not find opportunities in Mexico; they do not find them neither to work nor to study. Only 9% of Mexicans in the US have a professional career, others do not even have completed secondary school.

Now, how does this apply in the life of a person whose only desire is to be able to work and live well, but his country does not allow it and decides to go to work in the United States. One can be killed by working for an “x” company but the salary should be enough to pay off a university debt, or the current expenses of maintenance and to be able to save. However, reality is not like that.

Thesis statement about the American dream

Today we all resent the economic recession in the United States and the current generation has never experienced economic prosperity, so it is natural that young people feel hopeless in the harsh economic situation they face after finishing their careers.

In the third world things are not different, many made a great effort to pay for the race and in the end they did not get a job, so, where is that hard work will be what takes us out of poverty?

The reality of an economic depression is what deprives in the social bases of our economic systems. Which is fine for those who lead these systems, but not for the bases, that is what has to be highlighted.

Then, the situation will depend on the glass with which you look, if you go and ask the person who lives in a luxurious apartment in Manhattan, he will surely tell you that his hard work is what has reported everything he has. But if you go and ask someone who lives in the darkest of the slums, he will tell you that no matter how hard he works, he does not see the exit to the hole.

All American dream thesis will have its anti-thesis, however much you want to show the reality, it will not be possible if you only see one side of the coin, it is the general norm of the whole society, that, a few manage a lot of money and power, This does not change and I pitifully doubt that it does. The capitalist model works like this. I do not say that it is bad or good, because that will depend on the perspective where it is appreciated.

In conclusion, everyone has their way of seeing this phenomenon of the American dream. Perhaps for the majority it is simply the desire to live in consumerism to the fullest, or to give a better life to their families. The end justifies the means for those who wish to fulfill this dream.

Thesis statement about dreams: the fundamental thesis of the American dream

“Public opinion continues to be deceived,” they say, “regarding the causes and consequences of the crisis and political solutions. People are led to believe that the economy has its own logic, insisting on the free interaction of market forces with powerful financial actors, who “pull the strings” in the halls of corporations.

“The incessant and fraudulent appropriation of wealth, an integral part of the American dream,” says Michael Hudson, one of the researchers of the compilation, confirms the myth: “without wealth at the top there would be nothing to drip down.”

“Media disinformation serves the interests of a handful of global banks and institutional speculators, who use their control of the financial and merchandise markets to amass enormous wealth in money,” they add, adding that “the upper echelons of the state are controlled by the corporate ruling class, including speculators … Rushing the collapse of the competitor and wreaking havoc in economies of poor countries, are consequences of manipulation, an integral part of the financial architecture, inserted into the system.

“In practice, there is no region of the planet, in which the economic recession is not deeply rooted. Its effects are devastating in bringing countries and regions to: generalized unemployment, collapse of social welfare programs and sequential impoverishment of millions of people. ”

An interesting reflection of the authors, in line with American dream definition essay, is their appreciation that the economic profession, particularly in universities, rarely addresses the real world of markets: “There is no distinction between workers, consumers or corporations; they are all “individual operators”. No single individual has the power or capacity to influence the market. There is no conflict between workers and capitalists … Market fraud and manipulation processes are overlooked, while university and other research centers do not go to the bottom of the problem.