The basic requirements for any learning institution are to write an essay. These essays vary according to the course or the subject being tacked. For science students, they may be required to write an article describing the scientific process of something. They will be asked how to write essay for biology when they are taking units to that effect. Most importantly, engaging in the process of writing any paper requires a special research skill that students must learn if they want to perfect the art of writing. In addition to good research, the paper should also be well arranged and organized to pass the readability test.

Getting Started

Choosing an appropriate subject for discussing or the best topic can make learning how to write a good essay in biology so interesting and enjoyable to students. From the very beginning, an essay on biology hinges on scientific facts and varies greatly from other forms of writings. There must be a sense of conviction from the writer who must be confident, knowledgeable and well equipped with biological facts. The choice of the topic, therefore, must be based on the student’s interest and liking. If you notice that you don’t like the topic then as a student it is advised that you choose on which you are comfortable with.

There are several areas in biology that can be tacked as topics for the essay. If making a decision on what area to write on proves to be difficult for the student, then they are advised to seek some assistance from their professors. Among the things that shouldn’t escape the writer’s mind is that while he or she is making effort to properly understand how to write a biology essay he or she should consider aspects such as the format, the abstract page and its content in addition to the execution of the ideas in the paper.

To present the paper in an acceptable way especially in the academic quotas, one should remember that institutions have their own academic format that is either of Harvard style, APA, MLA or Chicago. Whichever the style adopted, essays that meet the professional standards ought to be formatted in a way that the font is readable, the spacing is sufficient, and the margins are not clogged with unimportant information. This also requires that the page numbers are given plus citation of the sources used.

How to write essay for biology in APA style will require that:

For APA format, the requirements are such that the biology essay document should have the following:

  • A Title Page with basic information such as the title of the biology topic that is being discussed without forgetting the institution’s name. You should place it at the very top of the title page.
  • APA format further requires that an abstract of two to three paragraphs, depending on how long the essay is, be written and placed in the beginning pages of the document.
    • The abstract should also be arranged in a way that the opening paragraph should have a strong thesis statement just like it will be fitted at the introductory page of the biology essay. The writer is also required by this style to give explanations on the importance of the article as he lets the readers know the questions that the document is addressing.
    • The second paragraph of the abstract should be structured to accommodate the issue of the main resources used. Not to forget is the limitation of the study and the scope of the study. Basically, abstracts contain very important information that the readers should know and for that reason when writing it, the writer must keep the audiences in his or her mind.
    • How to write an biology essay abstract requires that the last paragraph should contain a summary or a recap of the points captured in other paragraphs for the sake of providing clarity and keeping the reader focused.

• Table of Contents:

    • In this case, the APA style must have a list of all the subheadings and headings that appear in the essay plus the page numbers.
    • Question of the Research and its position on the paper or its page
    • Statement of the Thesis and its page
    • Introduction and its page
    • The Arguments and their arrangements
    • Sub-headings and their page numbers
    • Summation or Conclusion and its page number
    • Appendix or attachment if necessary
    • Works cited (reference list) on the last page
  • Introduction or the opening paragraph that introduces the topic to the readers
    • The question addressing the biology topic question is answered

• Body with all in text citations

• Conclusion or the summary of the topic

• References listed in an alphabetical order

In essence, this APA style can be used to not only learn how to how to write a biology synoptic essay but also to format your paper well. This is mostly used by students writing well researched essays

APA is critical when creating a great biology essay format. Keeping track of the resources that are applicable in every stage of writing is very vital and this must be remembered at all times.

How to Write a Biology Essay

The act of writing an essay has been in existence for a very long time. Today, a lot of guides and samples have been produced and posted online for the student and those who might love to write to use them. However, a good way to appreciate how to write a good essay in biology is to follow the structure as outlined below. The basic structure has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Just as earlier mentioned, the last page has a reference page.

How to Write a Biology Essay Introduction

The role of this page or section is to put the readers on the knowledge platform by brining to their attention the points that the writer wants to put across. So, the page should articulate with clarity about the subject. At this point, mistakes shouldn’t be tolerated because the introductory page lives a lasting impression on the minds of the readers about the writer.

How to write a biology essay introduction is a structured system that shouldn’t be ignored. Basically, the introduction must be kept as short as possible so that it doesn’t discuss all that should appear on the body of the essay. A maximum of two pages will sufficiently address the key concepts that are intended to appear on the subsequent sections of the essay, therefore, avoid wasting time on creating so long paragraphs to fill more pages at the introduction level.

Remember that the most critical points are what is supposed to be contained within the introduction. The other important thing to put down at this point is the thesis statement that explains the purpose of the biology essay to the readers in addition to driving the theme. Without a strong claim, the whole article becomes useless given that the readers are not able to understand or even cite your position on the subject as the writer. What is it that you’d like them to know, why is it important to them, and therefore, so what?

In the context of biology essay, the writer should strive to make the readers understand why the findings you have established will be of substance to them and their input to biological science in general. As you establish the best way on how to write a biology extended essay, as a student there is need to understand that the use of other sources and research papers will add a lot of value to the work besides lending credibility to it.

Basically, how to write an introduction for a biology essay becomes easy with consideration of the points discussed above. The key points to remember are:

  • An introduction opens the article to the readers
  • An introduction paints a picture to the destination or where the writer wants to take the audiences in their writing
  • An introduction guides the entire writing by keeping it in focus
  • An introduction discusses the concepts that will be further elucidated in the biology essay

In the field of academia, students are also required to provide corroborating theories that best explain the concepts they have adopted in their biology articles. This essentially implies that the introduction must give the reads an opportunity to understand the basic principles of the theory or what is also known as the theoretical framework. Hypothesize your concepts in the introductory section to make it more interesting and keep the audience busy in trying to figure out why you have taken that particular stand. The essay can be really boring when it does not engage the readers in the argument. They would love to know about their contribution and critique the article. They would love to weigh their understanding vis a vis yours in as far as the topic being discussed is concerned. The introduction should not deny them the opportunity to do so.


How to write a biology essay begins with a great introduction then goes down to a great body. The content of the body just like in the introduction is very important. Having introduced the topic, it is time to discuss everything in details. The body is structured in paragraphs with subheadings. Each paragraph of the main body introduces a concept and is different in terms of the ideas but the same in the sense that they all promote support of the thesis statement. Ideally, the number of paragraphs depends on the amount of information the writer has gathered. The more the points and the wider the topic the more pages the article will have and so will be the number of the paragraphs.

Biology has various topics and elements attached to it that make the whole; what this implies is that how to write a biology essay might require the writer to bring together various sub-topics into the paper.

The sources used in writing this part must be acknowledged through in-text citation. Additionally, it is imperative to note that the body serves the purpose of supporting the writer’s claim and for that reason it must have sufficient evidence and use only credible sources. Among the sources that can be used include academic journals, books, well researched papers that are peer reviewed and credible websites.

It matters not the topic a student has chosen to write about in as far as biology is concerned; however, he or she must have a good grasp of the information required and must bring out the issues very well to the satisfaction of the readers or the audience he or she is addressing. You can pick on plants, animals, or even on human anatomy but the explanations given will really matter. When speaking of human anatomy, the topic must address the various organs that the human being has and how they function in unity to sustain life.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Biology Essay

Having learned how to write a biology essay body and the introduction, it is time to look at the conclusion which is also an integral part of the article. This the part where all the key points and arguments discussed in the body of the essay is summarized in short paragraphs to enable readers to understand what the writer was discussing. More so, this part is important in the sense that it restates the thesis and reminds the readers about the importance of the findings and the essay to them. How to write a conclusion for a biology essay will demand of the student to recap the main issues and to offer a way forward.


The lessons are drawn from this article which teaches students how to write a biology synoptic essay, essentially means that there are several steps before arriving at the final document. Additionally, given that this is an academic task, it is imperative to acknowledge all the sources through in-text citation and provision of the references page. Remember to proofread your work before presenting it to your lecturer or instructor.