Research papers are popular academic assignments. Various forms of research papers are currently in use in many professional fronts in terms of doing research and analyzing some problems. For most, this is a chance for one to do thorough research and think critically over issues. At times, we go ahead and make use of other people’s research just so to build ours. In such instances, an opportunity is granted to us, so we get to make our research contributions and insights to some specific problems you find to be of interest of you. In addition, it also offers an opportunity for you to shape your skills in academics, some being far much important that they will be of great use in the future. Some of these abilities can be:

  • Coming up with questions for your research
  • Managing time
  • Managing research
  • Organizing details in a logical manner
  • Bringing out clearly introspections about the research
  • Verifying arguments with evidence collected in the field

Research papers are of two types:

  1. Analytical Research Papers

These types of papers mostly start by the writer going straight to pose a question; in which case it’s usually a research question, which the writer hasn’t taken any sides. These types of papers are generally practiced in ways to explore and evaluate issues. The goal of the writers is not usually to convince their readers that their ideas are the true ones and that the others are quite wrong but rather just to analyze and interpret the sources, be it primary or secondary. In this type of writing, the thesis statement in normally open as compared to the other kind of research paper.

  1. Argumentative Research Papers

This begins with the student making a research paper introduction, and in this case, the thesis statement is usually solid. The writer approaches the topic with an already predetermined stance on what is and isn’t. The writer has to be so persuasive just so to win the audience. In this type of research paper when it comes to topic selection, the student only has to go for something that creates a lot of controversies and gives room for debate. The whole research paper revolves around the student supporting his/her stance with tangible evidence.

Selecting a Topic for Your Research Paper Introduction

Topic selection is a sine qua non for any academic writing whatsoever. It is the basic requirement that gives you a sense of direction on what you’re expected to do research and finally write about. Once you have a topic, you can choose to take a different angle that will give different views and approaches to the topic. The research paper introduction format structure requires that you capitalize each word in the title to bring out its prominence and for easy viewing.

There is no secret behind topics and coming up with topics and titles to fit them. In some special situations you’ll find that the instructor has already outlined the topic for you and now it’s up to you to do the research and maybe come up with a title. Most topics given to you by the instructor are usually about your discipline and finding sources to come up with a full paper wouldn’t be that hard.

When given a chance to select a topic of your own, it’s always advisable to seek ideas from your peers, family and even the internet. For the internet option, maybe go for what’s trending as such a topic will have quite many readers waiting to read published research papers on the same. For instance; Nuclear energy, Depression, Drug abuse, World epidemics and many others that are in correspondence with your field of study. Based on the topic, its good idea to start with a general overview of what the topic entails, only then will you now start going deeper and deeper to some of the core details that will make your paper stand out.

For the research paper introduction, give shallow details about your topic and don’t go deeper. Leave the details for the body text. Make clarifications in case you end to apply any complex expressions to your paper. Read more articles on example of introduction in research paper with topic selection guides to help you out.

Importance of a Research Paper Introduction

A research paper introduction plays a big role in the research paper, roughly 25-30%. Here, the writer makes us aware of the purpose of the research. Without a research paper introduction, your readers are but lost sheep, leave alone them even reading your paper to the end. In all academic writings, the order is very much valued. Picture a situation where anybody would just write the way they see fit, total chaos.

Before you go ahead and start explaining your research findings and defending them, you first need to make your reader aware of what you’re talking about. Let’s take a case of maybe an argumentative research paper. The research paper introduction gives the reader an opportunity to know your stance and read on knowing what to expect.

The research paper introduction has some key components that you as a research paper writer need to be so keen on. These components form the backbone of your research paper. There is the hypothesis, the hook sentence, and the thesis statement. The hypothesis is what you are going to use to persuade your audience over. You can state your hypothesis and bring out clearly either your support or opposition for it.

Then here comes the hooking line. Go for something catchy; a sentence that will keep the audience intrigued or at times something humorous. Your readers could use something funny once in a while in your writing, the hook statement may be it. The hook sentence can be some funny joke, works of poetry, a piece of advice, philosophical quote or even a wise saying. Ensure it is as appealing as possible if you want the audience to keep reading your paper.

Here are the introduction of research paper example hook statements;

  • A piece of advice;

“When you want something from someone, give them something instead.”

  • Powerful quote

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

  • Rhetorical question

“What does it mean to have all the money in the world and don’t get to spend it?”

One thing about hook sentences is that they bring the reader into your world and in so doing try to imagine what you were thinking about when coming up with such. Check out online some of the research paper introduction example hook sentences and get a better idea of what it’s all about.

Research Paper Introduction Thesis Statement

Is it even a research paper introduction if you fail to mention the thesis statement? From our discussions above it’s so evident that the research paper introduction forms the foundation of your research paper. Writers take their time to do research and profound analysis on given topics, and the instructor can be able to deduce how good a paper is going to be by just reading the thesis statement. All we’re saying is that a lot is at stake the moment you don’t satisfy your reader with an intriguing thesis. For argumentative research papers, the thesis statement is usually solid, brings out your predetermined stance based on the controversy and your support or opposition for the argument. For an analytical research paper introduction, the thesis statement is usually fluid, gives no room for debate or persuasion. Instead, it`s just an exercise in evaluation and analysis of information sources. The tone of your research paper be it argumentative or analytical, is set by the thesis statement.

A good thesis statement should have the following attributes; Give the reader a picture of what you’re going to talk about, it should be concise and bring in the readers to your talk. Supporting your thesis statement is also a factor you need to put into consideration when making declarations.

Examples of research paper introduction paragraph with thesis statements;

  • Work and Life

“To achieve a better work-life balance and boost productivity, corporations need to provide their employees with more work from home opportunities and fewer hour workdays.”

  • Diversity in our Work

“In a bid to boost productivity in our working areas, we need to deploy diversity. It not only comes with richer ideas and better cooperation but also a sense of belonging between people of different ethnicities.”

  • Women for Political Power

“We need more women in political power, and this can only happen if more women run for office. We need to seek alternatives to educate women on ways to approach various political fronts based on whom, why, when and how they can support each other’s political careers.”

The above research paper introduction paragraph sample on thesis statements is just to give you an idea of how to approach it. If you’re still not sure of what to do, just go ahead and consult with your lecturer, teacher or relevant instructor to understand more.


So far we can all agree that writing a research paper introduction is not that demanding like you previously deemed it to be. Just follow the set rules and come up with something that’s quite appealing to both you and your reader. Do you still have any questions on research paper introduction? Kindly ask, and we shall try our best to help you.