How to Write a Personal Narrative Essay

It’s normal for many students to ask themselves, “what is a personal narrative essay?’ While it might seem quite simple, these papers require a great deal of concentration, research, and personal recall. Narrative essays are the best way of describing memorable life events through an intriguing story. Here, you could write about your role model or an unforgettable experience that happened in your life.

Whichever story you choose, remember that as a narrative essay writer, you are expected to share only your unique experiences — such means that you will have to devote a considerable chunk of your time in selecting the best topic.

Furthermore, the subject you choose should take your reader through a small trip down memory lane. Therefore, feel free to write about anything, allow your personal narrative ideas to flow, and you’ll have a fascinating story!

Personal Narrative Essay Ideas for Everyday Writers

Below, we have divided our narrative essay topics into different categories to assist you in “nailing down’ the best theme. Take a look!

Captivating Personal Narrative Examples about Our Role Models

Which celebrity do you love or admire? Whether it’s a musician, movie star, or even politician, what’s clear is that we all have personalities we look up to. These are men and women with captivating stories that need to be shared. So, by picking any of our personal narrative examples below, you’ll go a long way in helping your audience learn more about them too!

  1. Who Would You Consider To Be Your Role Model Today And Why?
  2. In Your Narrative Speech, You Could Describe How A Phrase By Barrack Obama Changed Your Life?
  3. Talk About The Exciting Memories You Have Of The Famous Nelson Mandela
  4. Who Are The 5 Actors; Living Or Dead That You Would Have Loved To Have Dinner With?
  5. What Kind Of A Leader Would You Like To Be In The Future?
  6. The Celebrities Would You Invite To Your TV Talk Show
  7. Mention The People From Outside Your Family That Have Had A Significant Impact On Your Life
  8. What Would You Tell President Abraham Lincoln If You Met Him Today?
  9. What Would You Wear If You Were Invited For Dinner By The Queen Of England?
  10. Talk About Kwame Nkrumah And The Leaders You Feel Changed Africa

Amazing Personal Narrative Ideas on Matters Touching on Technology

From business to trade and communication, technological advancements continue to change our lives. However, it’s quite shocking to hear that there are a large group of people who are not aware of the various innovations in tech we are currently enjoying today.

To educate and inform them, you’ll have to go through the best personal narrative essay ideas. Here are some exciting examples:

  1. Are You Distracted By Video Games And Why?
  2. Have Your Phone And Tablet Become Your Most Trusted Friends?
  3. Which Technological Innovations Have Played A Considerable Part In Your Life?
  4. Also, In Your Narrative Speech, Talk About The Various Smartphone Devices That You Can’t Wait To Have
  5. Your Favorite iOS Or Android Apps
  6. Which Were Your Best Childhood Video Games?
  7. A Scamming Experience You Would Love To Forget
  8. Which Is Your Favorite Viral Video?
  9. Simple Methods Of Opening A Website Landing Page For Your Company
  10. Do You Feel That The Lack Anonymity In The Digital Age Is Worrying?

Good Narrative Essay Topics on Your Personal Interests

Hobbies are one of the best narrative essay topics. A good number of students love describing their talents and exceptional skills. Therefore, some of the personal narrative ideas you could talk about here include:

  1. Where Do You Enjoy Spending Your Time Most?
  2. What Do You Value More, Exceptional Skills Or Special Talents?
  3. Talk About Your Point Of View On Sports
  4. How To Develop Your Personal Talents At Home Using Simple Tutorials
  5. Do You Feel Modern Technologies Are Killing Young Talents
  6. What Kind Of Music Do You Love Listening To?
  7. TV Shows And Movies That You’ll Never Stop Watching And Why!
  8. Movie Or Book Heroes That You Would Like To Meet
  9. Can You Recall The Day You Discovered Your Special Talent?
  10. Why Has Having A Hobby Kept You Feeling Relaxed And Happy?

Personal Narrative Essay Topics on Your Hopes and Dreams

These are original personal narrative papers which do not exist in BBC journal or in the New York Times. Instead, they require stellar imagination with a strong desire to inspire and create. Here, imagine things, dreams, and hopes to come up with the right personal narrative essay. Below are some things that you could talk about:

  1. An Exciting Dream That Changed Your Entire Life
  2. Can You Remember A Dream That Came True?
  3. Guides And Tips On How To Change Your Life Through Dreams
  4. How Has Reading Literature Helped You Reach The Heights Of Success?
  5. Do You Hope To Live Forever And Why?
  6. Does Daydreaming Inject Some Fun Into Your Day?
  7. People Who Take Your Mind Into The World Of Fantasy
  8. Mention Any Dreaming Relations With A Spouse Or Friend
  9. Which Steps Are You Planning To Follow To Achieve Your Hopes And Dreams?
  10. Have Your Dreams In Life Compelled You To Adopt A Strict Daily Plan?

4 Steps That Will Guide You in Creating a Great Narrative Speech

Are you still wondering how to write a personal narrative paper? Well, maybe these simple steps from the world-famous writers will help you to share your unique stories.

  1. Use these personal narrative examples to come up with a proper title
  2. Conduct a key readers and audience analysis
  3. Proper time and planning
  4. Go through a complex writing process including proofreading and editing

Wrapping Up!

As we wrap things up, we would like to further stress on the importance of understanding the question, “what is a personal narrative?’ Remember that such projects are all about sharing your personal stories on specific issues with your readers. Most importantly, once you learn how to write a personal narrative that’s engaging, they will admire, love and even respect you. All the best!