A good essay should equip the audience with the full details of the subject being described. You should use interesting language to ensure the reader is hooked. A profile essay is supposed to provide new details on various issues to ensure the reader is engrossed.

Making Necessary Preparations

Preparation is a key requirement for writing an intriguing essay. Preparation makes your work easier by ensuring that you follow an organized set of ideas. The steps below will ensure a smooth essay writing process:

  • Getting Informed

In order to write outstanding profile essays, you must source for the correct information. You can do this by reading other peoples essays. You can find an example of personality profile essay online, in libraries, and magazines.

Reading these essays will enable you to recognize the styles used for writing, the arrangement, the word choice and how to introduce the subject. As you read different essays, you will understand the minute details that will equip you with the knowledge to write your own profile essay

  • Choosing the Subject

The subject is the most crucial part of the essay and is to be taken into greater consideration. If you want an interview select someone who is available for communication.

Writing about a famous people is quite easy because it is both fascinating and exciting. Readers are always curious about their idols.

If you have been given the freedom of choosing a subject, you should focus on the one who will be alluring to the readers. If you are doing an assignment, a reasonable profile essay example for college is a good choice.

Prepare Adequately For the Interview

If conducting an interview is among your plans, you will need to make necessary preparations, for example;

  1. Prepare your questions
  2. Use open-ended questions
  3. Avoid yes or no questions
  4. Collect extensive information about your subject

Writing Your Essay

A good profile essay example is the one that captivates its audience. How to write great essay? The ingredients of an effective essay are its remarkable and charming subject line and initial lines. A profile essay, like all other essays, contains an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction is usually a few lines that are captivating to catch and ensure the interest of the reader. The body expresses in details the points in the introduction section. The conclusion is a summation of all the details of the essay.

  • The Introduction

This gives the reader a sneak peek of what to expect in the paragraphs that follow. The sentences you write in this part act as the beginning of the paragraphs in the body. Such sentences should be enlightening and descriptive. A profile essay example of a politician will begin by introducing him, his occupation, his recent activities, and occurrences.

The body of the profile essay should elaborate on the points mentioned in the introduction. You should also follow the points as you have organized them in the introduction. You should start the introduction with an interesting fact or quote, or use debate topics to arouse the curiosity of the reader. The introduction should end with information that outlines the importance of the essay.

  • The Body

This is the segment that carries all the points of your essay. It contains a complete description of the information provided in the introduction. The ideas in the body should be put together effortlessly to avoid a dull essay. You should keep the reader absorbed through out.

Start each paragraph with the main point followed by a detailed explanation to provide the reader with a vivid picture. You should show the relation between the points in the introduction and the explanation in the body. An example of a personality profile essay will include the character of the person that is shaped by his attitude, worldview, and beliefs.

In a personal profile essay example of a politician, start with his early life showing how it shaped his leadership ambitions. For example his environment, his parents and the leadership of the country. Show how his childhood and early adulthood are intertwined. Describe how he prepared to be a leader by either going to school, having a mentor or by simply educating himself. His current life should be as a result of these experiences and should be clearly detailed. The achievements and awards of the subject should also be included in your essay.

Writing about places or leisure activities is much easier you just need to conduct the correct research.

  • Conclusion

This is a brief summary of the essay that gives the reader a complete concept of the points in the body. You should make your reader feel that your essay was worthwhile. Your conclusion should point out if your goals were achieved. Don’t forget to include an emotion triggering information that will help the reader to connect with the subject

Sum up all the crucial points of your essay. Show the connection and how they influenced or turned around the subject’s life.

Profile Essay Example

The following example of a profile essay should give you a concept of structure and style:

Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was in 1910 in Skopje, the capital of the Republic of Macedonia. At an early age, she felt the calling of helping those in need. This is what led her to become a nun at just the age of 18. She joined the nuns in Ireland where she trained for a few months. She was granted permission to go to India where she took her formal religious vows in 1931.

Initially, she worked as a teacher but the widespread poverty and human suffering led her to start “The Missionaries of Charity”. An order whose main goal was to take care of those neglected in the society. As a Christian, Mother Teresa believed that serving humanity was among the basic teachings of Jesus Christ.

She left the convent in 1946 to be close to the poor. Together with a few other nuns, Mother Teresa survived on little money and food. Sometimes she had to beg. Eventually, her persistence with helping the poor was taken into account by the local community and political leaders.

Mother Teresa spent time with those who were dying. She wanted people to die with dignity that is why she opened a home for the dying in 1952. There were several critics of her work citing the lack of proper medical care while others appreciated the fact that there were people to take care of the poor in society up to their last breath.

By 2013, her work had spread far and wide. There were 700 missions working in more than 120 countries. These included orphanages and hospices for people with terminal illnesses like cancer. Although Mother Teresa was a staunch Catholic, she never tried to convert anyone. She was against abortion, divorce, and the death penalty.

In 1979 she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize “for work undertaken in the struggle to overcome poverty and distress, which also constitutes a threat to peace”. She donated the $192,000 that she was being offered to the poor.

During the last days of her life she suffered from various illnesses but this did not stop her from serving the poor. After her death, she was canonized in 2003 by Pope John Paul II

In short, Mother Teresa’s life can be summed up by her own words –“It is not how much we do, but how much love we put in the doing. It is not how much we give, but how much love we put in the giving.”

Example of Personality Profile Essay Ideas

  1. Describe your mentor and describe their role in your life.
  2. Different roles played by divorced parents
  3. Describe a historic figure whose work would change the world today
  4. Street families
  5. Global warming
  6. Choose your favorite sport and sportsman. Describe his achievements.
  7. Provide details of your journey to a different town

A profile essay example for college can cover a variety of subjects. However, keep in mind to always focus on the profile of the subject, for instance, the personality, notable achievements, and experiences. After writing your essay, don’t forget to proofread and edit.


Writing a profile essay can be easy as long as you follow the basic steps. In order to keep your readers engrossed, you should choose an interesting subject. These can either be famous or controversial. There are no limits to the type of subjects. They can be people, places, locations or even leisure activities.

It basically involves providing the reader with information about the subject from your standpoint by showing the reader why the subject you chose is important. Remember to always respect the subject even if you dislike them. In a nutshell, the reader should feel like they know the subject personally after reading your profile essay.

Follow these tips to come up with a profile essay editing that will impress your lecturers! If you still feel like you need some more guidance, contact us and we’ll pair you with a professional writer to guide you.