It is normal college academic lifestyle for a tutor to ask his students once in a while to write a classification essay. It is a daunting task to those who have never previously encountered classification essay examples, given that it is a topic rarely taught in schools. But that should never be the case! As we are about to show you, it all depends on the approach. Writing a classification essay is probably one of the most straightforward assignments you will ever come across in college or elsewhere if you follow the train of thought we shall discuss here.

First of all, you need to learn what a classification essay is. Going by a simple definition, to classify is to sort out the content into groups, or to put something into appropriate categories. So basically a classification essay would be an essay requiring the writer to assemble information into different categories while discussing each category either briefly or intensively as needed.

Sometimes, the question at hand is usually open. For instance, it may be asking the writer to write a classification essay.

That leaves the writer with a wide range of topics to pick from. It is upon them to decide which topic of choosing and sticking with. At other times, the writer may be provided with a few topics to pick from or just one topic to write about. That may seem tough, but it is also relatively simple if you follow our discussion in this essay.

Here is Our Plan on How to Write a Classification Essay

  • Know Your Topic

This comes before everything else. It is imperative to know what you are writing about before you commence on your writing. We have already established that there are different ways in which the question could be posed to you. It would go without saying that you need to be ready for any case.

Knowing how to write classification essay relies a great deal on the content the writer has, and how much he/she can dispense about that topic. For one to get to know their topic well, they should be able to understand what is asked of them, analyze the question thoroughly and contemplate on what is relevant to write versus what is not. The biggest issue a writer should be wary of when writing a classification essay is being irrelevant in their writing. It should be clear that spending even 5 minutes or more to crack up the topic and understand it well is essential, given the price one pays for being irrelevant.

If it is a specific topic, like how to write a classification essay, for example, the writer should be able to understand that the question at hand requires them to provide a guide on how classification essay examples are written and not to write classification essays samples. Usually, such topics do not give the writer a lot of room and freedom since the question is straightforward and their intent is very specific in particular. They demand an appropriate answer in the write-up.

On the other hand, open essay questions like write a classification essay, provide a lot of room to the writer. It is upon them to pick a topic that they can comfortably write a classification essay about. The writer has the liberty, in this case, to write about anything in the entire world; cars, books, vehicles, food, journeys, geography, research- just anything, as much as it is a classification essay.

In some rare instances, you may be required to write a classification essay but under specific directives. It is upon you, the writer; to know how to maintain relevance and flow but remain within the confines of the specifications.

  • Research on Classification Writing

Before you embark on the writing of the essay itself, it is vital that you research several things. First of all, you will need to do extensive research on classification writing. This will expose you a lot to different approaches used by other scholars in their writing. It is just like analyzing which method to use when writing classification essay. In the event the question presented allows you to use different approaches when writing a classification essay, an extensive research will grant you the powers to operate from any perspective possible.

Secondly, you need to research on the content of your essay. This applies for all types of essays, but more so the specific ones. For example, suppose you are asked to write a classification essay on cattle rearing. In such a case, it is possible that you might not have the most delicate details on types of grazing used at the moment, or even the newest breeds of cattle out there in the market and much more details.

It will only suffice that you dig into the books, the internet, journals, and whatever information source is at your disposal to have everything in your hands before getting to writing. It is only at that time when you shall have all the required details that you shall be able to categorize and write a sensible and relevant essay.

Thirdly – but this is optional most of the times – is to do research on previous write-ups on similar classification essay examples. You need to take a look at scholars and students who have done essays like the one you have to do. Go through their work and look at what different you could bring up, or what different approach you would use, or probably what more information you would include in your essay.

  • Work on Your Plan

They say that prior planning and preparation presents perfect performance and that failing to plan is tantamount to planning to fail. This has a weighty implication as far as putting things down is concerned. Before you even write anything down and draw towards your classification essay conclusion, coining a plan and sticking by it should be the song of the day. This plan is centered on what you intend to focus on, how you intend to focus on and how precise you will be in the execution. For instance, a well worked up plan will be about how to write classification essay will involve introduction, the major content whereby you will be expected to come up with categories and show examples and so on. The writer will also have to factor in the longevity of the essay, keywords to be used, possible tone indicated for the essay and anything else expected by the reader or tutor.

A perfect plan lies within the boundaries of relevance and brevity. You must know what to write and how to write it. Too much writing on a topic could turn out to be irrelevant. It is possible that you will even drift off topic. That way, you will lose marks or probably the reader.

On the other hand, too little writing is disastrous. You may not attain the intention set out by the tutor, or even worse, may fail to communicate to the reader. The catch is to be precise, straight to the point and avoid jargon. A quick check through classification essays samples will show you that the writers took ample time to prepare, both mentally and in research, before they produce the masterpiece you so much enjoy. Simply put, that is the power of proper planning.

  • Writing a Classification Essay

This is the real deal now, or in poetic terms, the part where the rubber meets the road. It is the point at which all your execution is set to test your prior preparation. Therefore, being keen is very important. Whenever you are writing a classification essay, or you are putting on paper or typing on how to write a classification essay, what should ring in your head for most of the time is the topic, or the question posed to you.

This way, you will be able to maintain fluency in your writing, and even minor distractions will not derail you. Most aspects of classification writing will require categorization and grouping. This dictates that descriptive terms have to be used extensively throughout the essay. Remember that your essay may land on people with very limited knowledge about the topic you have chosen to discuss. They will need some additional exposure on the issue at hand, and that can only come through your descriptions in the essay. Moreover, essays about classification usually focus on your grasp of the small discrepancies amongst close categories or groups.

Additionally, about classification essay writing, try as much as possible to beat the said targets. If the recipient, whether a tutor or a targeted person elsewhere, is expecting a set number of words, give them that quantity to their satisfaction. If there’s a defined format of writing the essay, for example, a specific font type to be used or perhaps a size to be adhered to, make sure you hit the mark about that. Nothing satisfies a reader more than a competent writer, and one of the ways to tell a competent writer from a normal one or an upstart for that matter is the ability to follow basic instructions. The tiniest of bits sometimes make the most significant differences. Pay keen attention to them!

  • Revise Your Write Up

Classification essays samples tend to have numerous mistakes. This may be attributed to the acknowledged fact that not many of such essays are written on a daily basis, so every other writer thinks they are doing their regular essays. But the fear to make a mistake has never made anyone a mighty warrior. Going through your essay either once or twice or perhaps even thrice does more good than harm. That is why it is highly recommended you take a glimpse over your now complete essay, observing for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, long paragraphs or other mistakes that you may have accidentally incurred in writing. This is always the one step stop to aiming at perfection.

Most mistakes notably appear in the body. This may be due to the voluminous content it carries, or probably because there are instantaneous twists of flow within the body as the writer attempts to capture a little information about each topic. When you get a second look at your essay, you can quickly tell where you missed and where you nailed it. This is the perfection being sought, and it is always worthy of the second reading. The homestretch of a classification essay is the classification essay conclusion.

Basically, a conclusion is a brief but accurate summation of the information covered extensively in the essay. In a classification essay, a conclusion is more centered on the approach of the write-up. The perspective the writer decides to use in writing the essay determines the conclusion pattern. Most of the conclusions are a summary of the entire essay, but in some cases, the writer chooses to taper down the information to a tail end and sign off. Being familiar with both cases are quite useful.


We have established that classification essays are more common than what meets the eye, especially on campuses. Several approaches may be used to write classification essay examples. One of the tougher challenges would be writing a classification essay about a non-specified topic. But the simple guidelines above should be able to give you the upper hand in beating the problem. Of note is that a classification essay conclusion follows the tone and flow of the entire classification essay. Sometimes, writers think that the conclusion is just a formality part of an essay that has more presence than significance. This is not true. The conclusion is usually a type of closure to an essay.

Without it, readers would be left hanging. So make your conclusion appropriate. You can choose either of the two types we have mentioned above; you can either summarize and wrap up the entire essay in the conclusion or taper the essay down to an end. Then you have your classification essay!