Quite often, students get mixed up when they are asked to write a literature review outline and to write how to write an outline of a literature review. The process of understanding how to write an outline involves overviewing outline papers for the same task, i.e., literature reviews. Writing an outline also requires one to have a great sense of organization so that he/she can have a clear ordered considerable items put in a manner that is not only sensible but also easy to understand. The results of a time well spent in outlining an outline is important if developing one personal writing skills as well as meeting the standards of a great writer in the field of academics.

Substantially, the literature review requires outlines serves a great deal for students because they are the most basic requirements from the lecturers as a gradable document preceding the literature review. Thinking about the final document before even you start writing it cannot be achieved without an outline of that particular problem. How to write an outline for literature review, therefore, is a worthy process that promises a leveled ground that will enhance creativity, save one time and earn one marks.

So what is the structure of an outline for the outline of a literature review?

Creating an APA Literature Review Outline

The process of creating an outline format of literature review requires one to appreciate the role that outlines play rather than just the reason why they should be written in the first place. In academic institutions, several outlines are submitted by the students almost all the time to their professors, but the question is how do they write those outlines? The method or style that are normally adopted is either alphanumerical in nature. This type of style of outlining consists of subdivisions of the chosen categories in ways highlighted below:

  • Roman numbers for example I
  • Letters that are capitalized, e.g., A
  • Numbers that are in the Arabic format
  • Small letters or low case letters for example (a)
  • Numbers of Arabic which are within brackets
  • Small letters or low cased letters inside brackets for example (a)

In the context of the outline arrangement as above, short phrases or sentences are entered in each category that explains the thought. Below is an example of an alphanumerical outline.

  1. The Introduction

This is the part that helps in giving the lecture an idea about what your literature review will contain besides telling him/her how the organization of the first paragraph will be.

  1. The Thesis Statement/the Claimfor example
    • Most of the organizations hypothetically carry the confirmation that extensive use of an ERM and especially its clinical functionalities is positively and significantly associated with performance benefits.
  2. Concluding statement about the claim in an Outline for Literature Review
    • Electronic record management system requires the user and attributes, support from others, and numerous organizational and environment facilitators. This is because ERM is user safety as compared to the manual system of recordkeeping where one could be easily getting into contact with dust or harmful material. ERM enabling improved records capture through automation, facilitation of compliance with legislative obligations and standards.
  3. Transitional Statement to the next Paragraph
  • Therefore, this study will look into the effects of Electronic Record Management in a Business organization.
  1. The Body

Organization of the body of a sample literature review outline is the subsequent step the writing process undertakes once some basics such as categorization of the topic have been done. In this case, categorization is basically a decision to the effect that what does the topic address and what is its relevance or motivating factor that drives the writer to adapt it. Equally, it is paramount not to forget the sources and how well they will be used to logically bring out the writer’s idea. Attention should be paid to the creation of a method that is organized to concentrate on this part more. This is borne out of the fact that, if it fails to be in congruence with the article then the whole idea of how to write literature review outlines, for example as Great Gatsby thesis, dies on the spot.

    1. Paragraph one

(a). What is record management system, for example, electronic record management system, is an organization’s internal system of using technology to effectively take care of their data and to protect the data from lose, or mismanagement for the purposes of enhancing efficiency.

(b). What do other scholars say about it for example: According to Maguire (2005), a properly instituted records management attitude as well as culture ought to be identified prior to the process of implementing it. Employees of an organization must be alerted on the paramountcy of recordkeeping besides; their recordkeeping culture should be improved to let in the changes resulting from the technology.

(c). Further scholarly explanations for example: Additionally, negative attitude towards ERM among the staff would emanate when staff is not involved in the implementation process. Wilkins et al (2007), argues that staff should be involved in the all the communication strategy from the very first stage of the project to the very end of the implementation for a successful ERMS change management plan.

    1. Paragraph two

(a). Detailed information on a particular subject of study. You may as well provide tips on specific areas you will tackle for example: The employees in any business venture may develop a negative attitude towards ERM because as Miller (2012), mentioned, ERMS, as compared to other documentation systems, have a complete complexity. It is time consuming and energy draining storing documents, when things are arranged differently, new regulations comes in play which must be followed. These results in data loss thus making most users resist this disruptive change. For example, studies done with several EMR users observed that attaining benefits depends heavily on physicians’ use of EMR functionalities. Where negative perception of ERM result to lack of awareness or availability of EMR functionalities to support documentation in a business work as well as the poor usability of the system (Silow, 2012; Miller, 2004).

    1. Paragraph three

(1). Further details again on the subject being studied, besides elucidating further the content of the second paragraph for example: Nonetheless, with an effective implementation and training on the ERM, studies indicate that such information establishes confidence among employees making them feel that they are working with the most current, official version of the record management system, decreasing the need to copy and compare multiple versions of the same file.

  1. The Conclusion/Summarization

This is basically the process of condensing one’s information so that the reader can be able to understand the important messages that will be contained in the outline of the literature review. As concluding part of an outline is written, one engages in evaluation or in critiquing the existing information gathered. The following are the components of an outline of the literature review.

      1. How does the literature contribute to the area of study, for example, any business entity that wants to use ERM system must take into consideration the fact that the system is expensive and needs extensive training of the employees so that it can be effectively utilized. Such training programs should be regularly given the changes in terms of technology that affects ERM
      2. The weight of the review in terms of the issues it’s addressing for example: If practical skills are well built with the staff in any business, then the success rate of the system and efficient management of the records is almost assured. This is because of the lack of basic skills in users can lead to a deficit in information systems and hence poor record management.
      3. Highlights of the deficiency of the reviewed literature to be addressed, for example, Poor ERM infrastructure and lack of good management system within a business entity as well as lack of establishing a culture of information use normally is the reasons why ERM implementation becomes impossible to achieve
      4. Key points that might have been left out
      5. What next for the study, what is proposed as the way forward? Here, is where issues such as deficiencies, potencies, and missing links are addressed.

The Reference

An APA Literature Review Outline requires having in it an indication that it will have a page detailing sources where the information has been gathered. If the literature review outline example has in it some sources used as examples then in-text citations must also be indicated.

In Conclusion

An outline of an outline of review literature as an assignment writing is very important as a means of organizing the writer’s idea and creating a roadmap that will guide the final literature review outline. It is equally imperative to remember that outlines can be reviewed severally and for that reason, mistakes are acceptable at the beginning. An outline being just a framework should not limit a student from being creative with some of the ideas they would want to be part of the literature review. Flexibility and intense research will not only make the essay good but it will also generate fresh thoughts each time one is stuck. That is why an outline before one starts writing the essay is necessary.

So do you now know how to write literature review outline?