The most important thing is being able to define terms and use them optimally. The most ancient of Philosophers, and it could be argued, the foundations of humanity, saw the universe in terms of forces and were aware that everything that existed was a resolution of their interaction. All entities are also facing forces from other entities; while an entity itself is an interaction of forces, but in each case, the interaction must result in one unique entity for there to be life. This creation of uniqueness from a variety of forces is called ‘synthesis’ and in fact, you’re correct in guessing that the whole universe as we know it is and was a synthesis and forever will be a synthesis. And humanity can model the synthesis of the universe and apply it on all subjects for optimal effect. This is the difference between humans and other animals. If we look at the origins and facilities of language then we realize that it is speech that creates reality, and that to speak well one must have synthesized the forces around and implemented the speech. But since the conscious mind state is limited in terms of attention and even quantity of detail, it follows that the most effective synthesis is sub conscious and even unconscious.

Since all is force(s), then all is number, as Pythagoras and the most ancient of Philosophers held. Therefore, the act of synthesis has a form that can be deciphered and applied to other domains in life. Meaning that there exists synthesis essay samples that conform to the basic language of the universe and that if used they enable an entity to have optimal effects or optimal objectives. Necessarily, these synthesis essay samples involve a deep interaction with the subconscious and unconscious aspects of the mind using a system of logic of forces and entities that is explicable through common language. This essentially means that there is a simulator of the universe in which any person can subject forces and entities to foresee consequences, and therefore to choose the best synthesis options possible. This article is about how to simulate such a synthesis essay writing sample.

Preparing to Write Synthesis Essays Samples

A synthesis essay writing sample that accords to a universal model of synthesis or life must:

  • Be cognizant of the mechanics of intuition
  • Be compliant and optimal with language and language rules
  • Must have overcome inhibitions of the mind
  • Establish the Golden way even on the most mundane of tasks

Therefore preparation must entail the understanding of the four elements of a synthesis essay writing sample.

Mechanics of Intuition

If we look at the periodic table, we have the element Hydrogen as the first, but how does this element come to be? A model we can generate and that has been used historically is that of the presence of an atom zero or element 0 if the language of the periodic table is to be used. This element is of such a dense mass that it is constantly emitting radiations; but these radiations are of the same type as the atom zero. Therefore the radiations are cybernetic and must vary depending with time. And as noted earlier, all entities are synthesis products. Therefore element 0 is the synthesis of all syntheses eternally. All other syntheses simulate the element 0.

But from Hydrogen, we go to the heaviest of atoms in the periodic table and beyond. As seen in the periodic table, the combination of atoms is by means of a universal language of electron interactions. The most complex of compounds are electron alliances, and in extension, we must not forget that electron activity also implies photonic activity. Photons travel and tend to band together if they resonate in frequency.

All living things operate using neural networks, and neural networks entail the movement of electrons, and on the other hand, photons. Taking that an atom is in quantum motion in its lifespan, it must follow that for every atom there exists a photonic path or pattern that can be said to co-exist with the atom for its lifespan. This photonic path and network is what we call ‘Mind’. There is, therefore, a universal and eternal mind of the element 0 and the temporary synthesis derived from the radiations of atom 0 and the radiations of the various atoms that may end up forming compounds. The formation of compounds may, therefore, be looked upon as the outcome of resonance of frequencies and behaviors. The ability of an atom to resonate and join with another is the basis of intuition.

Human beings are atoms. If we go back into the days of Leucippus and Democritus, the atom and even further back, we see that the atom is an indivisible entity within a specified context that can be shown to be ‘game dependent’. And since atoms are co-dependent for information, then atoms relate with each other comprehensively using the unconscious and the subconscious. The ability of an atom to be aware of the unconscious and subconscious is determined by the ability of the atom to regress into requisite frequency zones and relate with these zones accordingly. Different traditions have developed different techniques for accessing these frequency zones and the most common practice is the practice of yoga.

Language in Synthesis Essay Writing Sample

Synthesis essay samples that conform to the universal language explicated by ancient Philosophers are then dependent on how the unconscious and subconscious minds vocalize themselves in atoms and how an atom like a human vocalizes synthesis. Since this ancient universal model holds that there are four basic elements, being, air, fire, water, and earth and all things are comprised thereof, it implies then that there exists a universal grammar and a science of universal grammar. Such a grammar has been explicated by the great Indian Philosopher Panini in his ‘Ashtadhyayi’.

Therefore a synthesis essay introduction sample must necessarily be of the element air or number 1 which denotes ‘Identity’ by declaring all the other elements and their resonant frequencies. The Pythagoreans explicated the meanings of the numbers and other sources are available for the investigative scholar to find out the meanings of the numbers in the ‘holy tetractys’. A synthesis essay introduction sample that accords to the universal and traditional model then is one that seeks resonance with other such atoms which can also be shown to be Plato’s ‘eternal forms’.

But all introductions to essays must have thesis statements. Therefore there must be a synthesis essay thesis sample. The main question then is how such a synthesis essay thesis sample can be derived. Panini, the ancient Philosopher of the ‘Ashtadhyayi’ came from the ‘Sankhya’ or the ‘enumerationist’ school and it follows that the synthesis essay thesis sample is derived from a group of synthesis possibilities in a game context. These possibilities are inferred mathematically either unconsciously like in the case of ‘Rishis’ and ‘Divinities’ like Pythagoras or consciously like in the case of using the Chess board or ‘Chaturanga’.

The basics of linguistics are well known, and if not, then they can be researched by the diligent scholar. But we have the Phoneme as the basic atom, then the morpheme, then the syntactical structure then finally the semantic aspect of the utterance. Since we have shown how utterance is part of unconscious and subconscious interaction we can then begin to see how language explicates reality using its grammar and other relevant features.

Therefore all utterance can be converted to logical and mathematical form. This form is a basic function as explicated by the modern Mathematician ‘Dirichlet’ and is basically a function that uses the synthesis of all the forces interacting with it to define and establish its being. Therefore the Chess board is an accurate model of the synthetic process and offers vital clues as to how to derive a synthesis essay thesis sample. The instructive question is: how does a chess player determine what is best? Such is the way to derive a synthesis essay thesis sample.

Overcoming the Inhibitions of the Mind

In our traditional model of thought, things can be known for what they are in themselves. David Hume’s skepticism can be countered simply by showing a model that entails the concurrence of events that led to the skepticism. The model is well presented in Euclidian terms using the circle as the basic symbol of the atom. By drawing the so called ‘Golden flower’ we can simulate the formation of the atom and besides that, have clues about the atom’s internal structure. According to this model, the human atom has a mind that is basically derived from the geometric archetype of all atoms. From the geometric construction we can infer that each atom is like the other in form as shown in Euclid’s ‘Elements’. Thus the human atom is the circle that is made of the tetractys whose network forms the mythical ‘tree of life’.

But the atom is in constant vibration. This means that the atom has an upper and lower limit or energy levels. If we trace history and the application of language regarding this matter we realize that the lower limit resonates with ‘earth’ and the upper limit resonates with ‘heaven’. Therefore it is possible for a human atom to vibrate predominantly on the ‘earth’ plane. This plane is said to be naturally inhibited since it can only network to its resonant forms. But ‘heaven’ can resonate with all other forms, therefore it is uninhibited.

Therefore as Patanjali explicated in his ‘yoga sutras’ ‘yoga is the science of overcoming the inhibitions of the mind’. By comparing historical data it can be shown that the ascetic practices of ancient philosophers were connected with the idea of overcoming the inhibitions of the mind in order to be able to synthesize forces optimally.

By overcoming these inhibitions a person is then capable of seeing things in themselves and be able to resolve the epistemological questions that have plagued modernity since the decline of Sir Isaac Newton and Newtonian Mechanics. For example, it is important for one to be clear on whether they are making argumentative synthesis essay samples or whether they are making explanatory synthesis essay samples. But how can one know which of the two they are writing if they haven’t overcome the inhibitions of the mind? Besides how can they generate a synthesis analysis essay sample and use it deliberately?

Establishing the Golden Way in Synthesis Analysis Essay Samples

We have seen that there are three basic types of synthesis essay samples:

  • The argumentative synthesis essay sample
  • Explanatory synthesis essay sample
  • The synthesis analysis essay sample

These three forms resonate with the first three basic elements of fire, water, air and fire respectively. But there exists a fourth type of synthesis essay sample resonating with earth, that can be termed as the

  • Simulative synthesis essay sample

All these forms of thought or thought atoms have their appropriate game contexts where like in the chess board they are supposed to ensure that the atom is not destroyed and that it also proceeds with positive action within its ecosystem. But since each atom must engage in the two fold activities mentioned above, it follows that the four different kinds of synthesis essay samples must be used for each contexts that an atom faces, and that the atom must strive to apply the universal principles on all things and ideas in the essay. Besides, the atom must strive for the optimal states of being outlined in the tree of life, or the golden flower. Therefore the golden path is the practice of using the universal model at its optimum.

Writing the Synthesis Essay Samples

Having derived the essential aspects of the synthesis essay samples and understood them, we can now begin to simulate a synthesis essay writing sample, confident that we have the essential tools for such an undertaking within a life model that proves to be more adaptable and useful in a world whose science is changing especially due to the implications of quantum mechanics. The form of thinking outlined above then is used with other techniques that have been used in other forms of essays or in our prior essay writing experiences.

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