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Research Paper Topics

Research Papers On Teenage Pregnancy

What can be worse than being pregnant, when you’re just a kid? For the last hundred years our society changed their attitude toward many things. For example, before a girl couldn’t become pregnant out of marriage, otherwise she wouldn’t be accepted even by her family. So, single mothers don’t surprise anyone nowadays. But until now our society can’t accept that young girls become mothers at the age of 13-17.

Life is unforeseeable, that’s why research paper on teenage pregnancy can be useful for students. Starting to research on teenage pregnancy, students become more experienced in this area.

An effective research papers on teenage pregnancy starts with ideas or topics. If you want a good one, try to answer on these few questions: Do you know, how many teenagers have to accept a hard decision about continuing pregnancy? Is teenage pregnancy harmful or not? Is it a big problem for a modern society? How teenage pregnancy affects on young mother’s psyche?

If you decide to develop this topics in your teenage pregnancy research paper, you may start from the main reasons of the problem, ex. gr. teenage organism is immature for pregnancy, absence of sexual education, lack of contraception programs, effects of teenage pregnancy both on young mommies and their babies etc. Few book on medicine, encyclopedias and articles will help you in developing your idea into research papers on teenage pregnancy.

Teenage pregnancy research papers should be well structured:


This part of your papers research on teenage pregnancy requires a clear formulation of the chosen problem and your personal hypothesis on it. You’ll have to set a thesis statement that is for or against teenage pregnancy.


The Main Body of teenage pregnancy papers aims to support your hypothesis with reasonable evidences. Expert’s thoughts and standpoints should be presented in the Body of research paper on teenage pregnancy.


The conclusion of teenage pregnancy research paper should sum up everything written before and approve or disapprove the thesis statement in the introduction. So, if the hypothesis of your research paper was proved, write a corresponding conclusion and state in the final part of your teenage pregnancy research paper.

So, good luck with your research paper on teenage pregnancy. But even with all the elements in place, it might prove hard to write an effective research paper on teenage pregnancy if you can’t cite the source correctly or communicate your thesis with a audience, using required format. In this case – let us now. We don’t offer you cheap research papers, ’cause highly qualified expertise never comes cheap. But we guarantee, that you’ll get an expert and 100% plagiarism-free research paper, which please both you and your professor.

Photography Research Paper

A research paper can accommodate any topics. You should be able to make sure that your topic of interest is significant, important, has many resource materials, feasible and that you are familiar with it. That is why we will suggest that you also write a photography research paper today. This is just a suggestion for you but you can always consider other topic that you are interested to discuss.

A photography research paper contains that the same different parts of a research project. It does not matter whether you are writing a law thesis paper or a physics research paper. What is more important is that you know the steps to write a research paper and you know the different parts of the project. The topic discussion will just go with the flow of the research.

So what are the different steps in writing a photography research paper? The first step is to identify the exact topic scope of the project. Since you already have the general topic, you can simply choose the best topic scope that you can think of. Before you create a list of topic, you should consider the following factors: significance, importance of the topic, the availability of the research materials and your overall familiarity with the topic. Here are some of our suggested topics:

  • Analyzing a certain image for the purpose of describing the contents of the picture.
  • Writing about the different jobs that you can get from being a photographer.
  • Photography as a mean to express the feelings of a person.
  • Different methods and techniques in taking a picture.
  • Write about a topic that will talk about how to use pictures as a means of communication.

The next step for you is to write the research proposal. You have to make sure that you can write a research paper that the outline can support. You have to let the adviser approve the proposal so you can have a good direction for writing. The research proposal will give you the ideas and management skills in writing the research paper.

Afterward, you can start looking for the best research paper materials. The resource materials will give your own paper the credibility and research reputation that you can present to your readers. In the event that you will have some problems to establish the data in your paper, then you can rely on the materials that you have searched for. In any case, you can always find sample materials that will also guide you in writing the research results.

Lastly, you should be able to write the different parts of the photography research paper. These are the abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, data and analysis, results and discussion and the conclusion. Do not forget to include the cover page, table of contents and the bibliography page. Cite your reference materials and proofread your work.

Death Penalty Research Paper

It is quite easier to say that a research paper is simple to write. However writing a research paper involves so many steps that they overwhelm students, especially those who are first time writers. If you are one of these beginners, then we will give you some pointers how you can manage research paper writing. Let us start with a death penalty research paper discussion.

You may think that death penalty is a sensitive topic to write. However, in truth, this is one of the most interesting subjects that you can consider. Death penalty is a topic that is important, significant, a very relevant issue, interesting and you can find many source of info for it. However, you should make sure that the topic is really interesting to you. Otherwise, you will only lose the motivation to complete your entire paper. Now, if you are eager to write on this topic, let us give you some goals in writing by providing you scopes of interests:

  • Why is death penalty available to different societies around the world?
  • Is there really justice when a criminal will receive death penalty as punishment?
  • What types of crimes does death penalty apply to?
  • Some research facts about the demographics of death penalty cases in the US.
  • How does death penalty dismiss the concept of human rights?

After you have chosen a certain direction for writing, and after you have selected a scope of death penalty, you can start writing a thesis statement. We suggest that you also write a research proposal which will coincide with the research thesis. This way, you can easily plan what discussions are necessary for the paper. Moreover, a good outline will give you an opportunity to efficiently manage the ideas within your research article.

Can you give the basic parts of a research paper? With regards to death penalty research paper, you should not worry about the parts of the project. This is because the same parts are required for you to write. It means you can include the cover page, abstract, introduction, literature, methodology, data and analysis, results, conclusion and the bibliography page.

You also need to use citation styles for your research paper. As you know, all types of articles demand that you include citation procedures. This way, you can recognize the contributions of other documents. Use either the APA or MLA formats for referencing. If you need any help with this, simply contact our support team.

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Marijuana Research Paper

Marijuana is a dangerous substance that many countries consider it legally unacceptable. It is because the substance is the very source of powerful drugs that can inhibit the personality of a person. Therefore, marijuana is a big concern among nations afflicted with its powerful social influence. Marijuana is a very significant and interesting topic. Therefore, you can utilize it to write a good thesis paper. We will talk about writing a marijuana research paper today.

A marijuana research paper is just the same article that you have been writing before. As you know, a research paper can take many different topics and goals of writing. One of which can be topic-specific form of construction. In this case, you can write a marijuana research paper that will of course tackle the plant or the substance in different perspectives. Let us begin with the right process of research, which is topic selection. Since you already have a topic, you can then narrow down the concept into a more specific discussion parameter. Always remember that a topic for research paper must be feasible, interesting, relevant and significant. Afterward, you can choose the specific topic about marijuana. Here are our suggestions for you:

  • The effects of marijuana to the body as well as to the mental health of a person.
  • Marijuana as a social problem in many countries: How do they handle the problem?
  • What are the compositions of marijuana that make it a dangerous drug?
  • The social status of people who uses marijuana, what are the implications to them?
  • Building a marijuana free society, is it possible?
  • How to protect our children from the bad effects of marijuana.
  • Why is marijuana a prohibited drug?

After you have selected an exact topic for research, the next step for you is to find the most reliable resource materials. As you know, any research papers must depend on the reliability and credibility of other documents. If you are not going to conduct your own experiments, then you should use other documents that will give you enough data to support your thesis paper.

Finally, write the important segments and parts of the marijuana research paper. What are these parts? You can include the cover page, table of contents, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, data and analysis, discussion of results, conclusion and the bibliography page. You should always remember to cite

your reference materials using APA or MLA formats. Afterward, proofread each of the research paper’s pages. This way, you can make sure that your paper is error free when you submit it.

Would you like to see some of our research paper examples? We can provide you free materials today. Simply download any of our samples form the Arcvhies and use it them to your advantage.

Research Paper Topics for High School Students

The process in writing a research paper starts with the topic. Of course, there is nothing to write about if you do not have a subject. Therefore, high school research papers need to first have a good subject that will begin the process and attract readers. Today’s topic for our post is research papers topics for high school students.

Are you a high student? Then most probably, you will be writing a research paper anytime soon. Research papers can be in the form of a thesis or a term paper. Students usually write them so that they can submit an assignment or complete the academic requirements for graduation. In any case, knowing how to choose the best topic is necessary. Now, what are the basic steps in choosing a topic for writing? Here is a short list of tips that we would like to share with you.

The topic must be important. If you are thinking of a certain topic, you should make sure that it is an important one. There should be sense in discussing it. Otherwise, your research paper will just be a simple article with random thoughts and ideas. What are important topics? Topics that provide benefits will be the priority subject for high school students. Some of the general important scopes are science, economics, technology, human traits, behavior and computers. The importance of topics may be a relative thing. However, you can generalize subjects that will truly give new knowledge to the readers.

The research paper topics for high school students should be relevant. Relevance is the overall effect of the topic to the current population of the readers. You should make sure that the readers would have some benefits in reading your paper. Therefore, it can be a relevant thing if you will write a topic that is timely, appropriate to the situation and acceptable.

Feasibility is also an important matter when selecting a topic. The research paper that you will write should be able to present data and info that are credible. You can only make this happen if you have applied the correct research methods to your paper. This is the main reason why you need a feasible topic. If you can find enough materials for research and you can do the step-by-step procedure to produce resolutions to your problem statement, then the topic is feasible.

Lastly, the overall appeal of the topic is very important. You are not only writing a research paper because you want to or because your teacher requires you. A research paper should also make the readers appreciate the topic and the contents of your work. Therefore, the research paper topics for high school students should be interesting.

Biography Research Paper

A research paper is something that you can write and include research contents. What is the purpose of researching? The research process will involve the re-search of data and info about a given topic. The main purpose of this task is to find more information about a certain subject. Moreover, researching can make sure that the facts we know are actually valid. As a last benefit, researching can also resolve problems and issues that many otherwise neglect or ignore. Therefore, if you will write a research paper, you are actually going to present a more in-depth account on a certain subject. How about a biography research paper, what is it?

Biography is the study of the life of another person. It can be about his experience, the way he lived and the way he influenced other people. In short, biography is a life story of an individual. When we attach the term research paper, it means that we will be focusing on the contents of a person’s life story and make it a research results according to a certain purpose. A biography research paper is therefore an article that will research on the life of a person.

Why do we need to write a biography research paper? Some teachers require them because it can help students to learn something from another person’s experience in life. On the other hand, the main purpose of writing a biography article is to know more about a certain person especially if his life is worth discussing. As you may already be thinking, biography articles are usually about famous and notable people. However, you can also write a biography paper about a person whom you know or someone who have inspired you in life. This is still acceptable.

What procedures are involved in writing a biography research paper?

  1. First, you have to choose a point person. He or she will be the main topic of your biography paper.
  2. Second, you need to conduct research on the person’s life. Pay attention to his great works, contributions to societies and experiences. Of course, research will also include all the important details about the person’s life.
  3. Third, write an outline for your research paper. The outline will serve as the pattern of your writing task. It will give you an idea which data will be the highlight of your research paper.
  4. Fourth, compose the research paper as you would in building a regular article. It means you should include the introduction, body paragraphs and the conclusion.
  5. Fifth, make sure that you cite your resource materials.
  6. Lastly, proofread your paper. This is a necessary task to clean up any errors in writing.

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Science Research Paper

It is the discretion of the student to choose the topic that he wants to write for a research paper. Apparently, most research papers have topics that relate to science and technology. This is not a bad thing because we all know that research papers on science can lead to better developments of knowledge, which will therefore mean more advanced civilizations and lifestyle for all of us. If you are thinking of writing a science research paper, we will give you some tips that you can consider to make a quality article.

A science research paper can have many sub-scopes that you can consider. These are chemistry, biology, astronomy, meteorology, geography, physics and technology. There are still other fields but you can simply look for them online. Now, writing a science research paper is as simple as writing any papers with other topics. What we mean easy is that you can apply the same procedures involved in writing other papers to your science paper. Let us give you some instructions how you can write a good science paper.

Identify your topic strength. This is an important aspect of choosing the topic for writing. You should first realize what part of science you are going to deal with. Therefore, a list of topics may be necessary to help you decide. If your strong subjects are chemistry and physics, then you should create a list of topic about them.

Choose a topic that is feasible. Feasibility is a characteristic of a topic that will let you apply research methods. As you know, researching can use many types of methods to come up with analysis results. In such a case, a feasible topic is necessary so you can maximize the results of your research process.

Writing a thesis statement is next. The thesis must have a degree of assertion so that you can create an atmosphere of acceptance. This validity of a thesis statement will then be supported by the research results that you are about to produce. Write a thesis statement that is strong and targets a particular scope of interest.

Include the necessary pages of a research paper. Are you familiar with these parts? A science research paper must have the abstract, introduction, literature, methods, data and analysis, results with discussions and conclusion. You can also add a recommendations and acknowledgements page if necessary. Moreover, the cover page and bibliography page are essential parts.

Lastly, proofread your work. Since a science research paper will include very specific and factual knowledge, then you should proofread your work by removing inaccurate data. This is apart from the concepts of cleaning up the mess from spelling and grammar errors. Always take time to edit your work no matter what school paper you are writing.

My Research Paper

No so long ago, writing a research paper involved too much research within library premises. However, today’s generation of students have very convenient lives. This is because the internet can supply all the possible learning guides and materials to conduct research and write a paper out of it. Today, we will discuss the basic questions that students ask in writing a research paper. “How can I write my research paper?” We will give you a set of questions and answers involving writing a research paper.

  • What is the first step in writing my research paper? You need to have a good topic. The topic of interest for writing must be important and significant. This way, your readers will realize the true value of your paper. Moreover, the topic should be something that is interesting, has many supporting materials and is feasible for research.
  • Where can I get materials to support my research paper contents? You can always use the library to search for published books and journals. However, you should also consider using the internet because it gives you the convenience to research at home. You should only make sure that the internet site is a credible one so you will get the best info from them.
  • What are the parts of the research paper? There are certain parts of a research paper that might already be familiar to you. In any case, here are the basics segments of a research project: cover page, abstract, introduction, review of literature, methodology, data, analysis of data, results and discussions, conclusion and the bibliography page.
  • Can I have my research paper checked by my adviser before submission? You can always consult with your adviser if there is something wrong with your research process. This is also a good way to prevent any possible errors that you do not want to encounter later on. Ask for an appointment with your adviser.
  • What citation styles can I apply to my research paper? You can always apply the basics formats in citation like the APA, MLA, Harvard, Turabian and Chicago. However, you should also learn how to u se each of these citation formats because they differ a little when it comes to technical features and instructions.
  • Can I include other miscellaneous parts in my research paper? You have full control of your research paper parts as long as you already have all the important chapter requirements. In such a case, you can add a recommendation page, acknowledgement section or even images and graphs.

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Literature Research Paper

Is it too hard to write a literature article? This is one of the many questions that students usually ask. A literature article is not at all difficult as long as you are motivated to write it. However, literature is not a famous topic among students. They tend to stay away from this topic as much as they can. That is why it seems that writing a literature research paper is a very difficult one. Let us now stay away from the notion of difficulty. We are going to start a new way to appreciate literature as a possible subject for your research paper.

Literature research papers are the result of a research process that deals with literature. It does not have to be a very professional article. You can write a simple paper as long as you know how to structure the different parts of an article. In such a case, you simply have to write a paper based on the instructions in writing a quality article no matter what the topic of interest may be. What is the first step? You should have a quality topic. Since you are dealing with literature, you can target specific domains of the subject like music, poetry, novels, or even plays.

Next, write the research outline. You can have a proposal if you wish to use this type of plan. Make sure that you can let your adviser or teacher approve your proposal before writing the research paper. On the other hand, you can simply write an outline that will serve as the guide in writing the parts of your research paper.

Afterward, you can start looking for materials that will support your research paper. As you know, research papers must depend on other materials to establish the claim of the thesis statement. It is also a very important thing that you use materials that are very credible and reliable. You can use books, research papers, internet articles and even periodicals and magazines.

Writing the parts of the research paper is next. For a literature research paper, the same paragraphs or chapters should be available to the readers. For an essay research paper, there are only three basic parts; introduction, body and the conclusion. Meanwhile, a thesis paper type of a research paper may need to add literature review, methodology, data and analysis and abstract.

You should also cite the resource materials that you will use in your research paper. Apply APA or MLA formats of citation. Lastly, take time to proofread each of the pages of your research project. Edit them so you can eliminate any errors in spelling and grammar. If you wish to use some of our literature research paper samples, simply download a copy from our website.

Soccer Research Paper

Soccer is a sport that involves rigorous play among the team members of a certain group. Sometimes it can also have a name as football but there may be some misunderstandings because American Football has a very different game play and instruction. What is a soccer game? It involves two teams where each of the players is only able to set goals by kicking a ball. The team members can only use their legs and feet to drive the ball to the goal for a point. This is a very tiring game because it is so difficult to make a goal point due to a wide area of game location and a very fast approach in playing the game which consists of running and kicking. Thus, soccer is one of the most exciting field games that you can witness. Since we are talking about soccer, you should also consider writing a paper out of this topic. You can try writing a soccer research paper.

Soccer research paper projects can have a big impact towards the development of the sport even further. However, you have to first realize the basic steps in writing a generic research paper. What are these steps? First, you need to specify a very particular topic. The topic must at least be appealing to the readers and interesting at best. You should consider a topic that is important and has many supporting sources of info. Next, write a research proposal. Any research papers needs a proposal that will help the writer manage the writing process. You should have the adviser approve your proposal. This task will allow the search for research materials. If you can find sufficient materials, then you can make your soccer research paper more credible. You can then write the different parts of the research article. There are only a few of them which will start with abstract, then the introduction, literature review, methodology, data with analysis, results and the discussions and the conclusion. Afterward, you need to cite the source of info that you have used. Make sure to apply either the APA or MLA formats. Lastly, proofread your work. Each chapter or page of the research paper should be free from any errors.

So what aspects of soccer can we write for a specific research paper? If you want to see some samples of our research articles, you can actually go to our Samples page. We have some soccer research paper samples for you. Nevertheless, we want to make your life simpler so here are the suggestions that we can give you as we end this article:

  • Soccer as a career. How much do soccer starts earn?
  • Leaning the technical mechanics of playing soccer. A course for beginners.
  • Why is soccer more popular in other nations while it is unheard of in other countries?
  • Who are the top nation players in the World Cup?
  • What physical exercises can soccer give to the players: An analysis on the game’s science?