The phenomenon of the resurgence of Racism, Xenophobia, Anti-Semitism and Intolerance in Europe shows the important political, economic and social contradictions that are happening in the old continent. The international economic crisis, the pressure and demographic movements, the radical changes in the Eastern countries, the complicated and slow process of European unity, the fear and insecurity for the future in the face of unemployment and poverty are among others, some elements that the European Institutions have undoubtedly indicated as factors that lead to the rebirth of this social scourge in all the countries of the old continent.

In the same way, the configuration of a cultural and psycho-social environment in broad sectors of the population, ranging from the intransigent fanaticism of ideas to the trivialization of violence in the culture of leisure, through manifestations of homophobia or exacerbated nationalism, they allow the development of outbreaks of intolerance that feed a wide range of attitudes and manifestations that despise, deny or invite to violate the application of Human Rights, making definitively difficult the possibility of a democratic coexistence.

Thesis statement about racism: European Alarm

In the decade of the 90s, in parallel to the great events and European and world transformations, serious news, fires, murders, political and social growth of new fascism are developed that have for reasons the ethnic, religious, cultural, social or national difference , being a verifiable fact the general progress of intolerance and racism.

The European Community Institutions in 1984, approximately ten years after the bloody Bologna attack that would mark the rebirth of ultra-violence, begin to devote a great deal of attention to the rise of racism and other manifestations of intolerance, as well as to the emergence of extreme groups right and exacerbated nationalisms.

The extraordinary and valuable report of racism thesis of the Christian Democrat Deputy, Dimitros Evrigenis, revealed the ideological, social background and objectives of the European racist and fascist groups, opening the way for a common position taken in 1986, of the set of European institutions manifested in the Declaration against Racism and Xenophobia made in that year.

In the last European elections of June 1994, nearly ten million Europeans voted for racist parties, in some places like Antwerp, they exceeded 25% of the votes. In the month of October of the same year, in the Belgian municipal elections in some cities they reached 30%, being the Vlams Block, a party with special predicament in young people, who picked up the racist and ultranationalist vote. In Austria, in the general elections held on the same day, another right-wing extremist Jšrg Haider, leader of the FPOE ultra, capitalized 23% of the votes, projecting for 1998 to reach the head of government and become the new Austrian Furher.

Along with these chilling data, we must add the presence in the Italian government of fascist ministers, the consistency in France of the current LEPEN, the proliferation of neo-Nazi groups in the new Germany and in Spain the unification of far-right groups in a project renewed with a young national direction headed by Ynestrillas. New right-wing leaders are emerging, connecting with youth bases, which appeal to marginalized members of society, using the economic recession, to promote their own branch of nationalist xenophobia with some National Socialism.

Racism thesis statements: From Diffused Racism to Militating Racism

The concept of RACE is very old in Western culture, as a reference to the observable external characteristics of different human groups. The “scientists” of national-socialist Germany came to establish scales of proximity and remoteness of the human, depending on certain external and social physical characteristics. According to the latest scientific advances in molecular biology and population genetics, there is no genetic difference between humans of different external physical appearance, so the concept of RACE has no meaning and should be removed from the daily vocabulary of scientists, social actors and the public in general. On the contrary, referring to ethnic groups or ETHNIAs, as an expression that typifies the diversity of external, cultural or value aspects, diversity based on accidental differences, caused by adaptation to climate, food, lifestyle or social differences.

The application of the classificatory mentality to everything, the acceptance of the diversity of races, has a danger and it is necessary to remember that the APARTHEID was not based on the idea of ​​any superiority, but rather on the ethnocentric convenience of the diverse ones living separately. This is also the underlying idea in the terrible euphemism of “ethnic cleansing” practiced by Serbs and Croats in the criminal war of the Balkans, each race, each ethnic group in an exclusive territory.

The dynamics of prejudice and racial discrimination can follow a process of progress or experience qualitative leaps. So to create bad reputation, speaking badly and forming an unfavorable public opinion, you can move to social distance, discrimination, deprivation of rights and segregation; finally, to the physical attack, aggression, expulsion, killings and extermination.

The acts of diffuse racism are multiple and fundamentally deny a right, a good or a service to someone because of religion, origin or culture. Thus dismissing or refusing to hire a person for these reasons, even if they are not explicit, is a racist act, denying access to a means of transport, assigning or renting a home, denying access to the school, to a local , or simply the entrance to a disco …, are expressions of racial discrimination, to which we must add the multiple references in speech and expressions of politicians, or performances of public institutions, officials or security agents, where prejudice acquired leads them to commit acts of racial discrimination.

From diffuse racism it is easy to pass to criminal racism, from neighborhood protest to citizen patrol, from the exalted cry of lynching, from the prejudice extended to expeditions of punishment against scapegoats. This is precisely what is happening throughout Europe.

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