Essay for the National Honor Society

The National Youth Honor Society is a student organization whose purpose is to create enthusiasm for achieving an education of excellence in the members, desires to serve the community, promote leadership and develop in students their character, based on human values ​​and principles Christians of our Catholic educational philosophy. It motivates creation in the bonds of union and communication between youth and adults. Chapter members participate in the following activities organized by the island-level executive committee:

  • First Insular Assembly
  • Confraternity activity
  • Service Activity
  • Annual cohabitation
  • Talent Show
  • Sport tournament
  • Nominations Assembly
  • Intellectual Competences
  • Annual convention

To belong to the chapter of national honor society essay, middle school students who have maintained an academic index of 3.75 or higher go through an evaluation process in which a committee of teachers considers the qualities of leadership, character and service of each young person. The committee, together with the Director, will determine who the new members will be for the next school year.

The chapter is headed by a moderator (teacher) and a board of directors (students): president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer and historian. Each board member works together with the board members of all the chapters, collaborating in the activities established each school year.

Students must attend at least four activities per semester to be considered active members of the chapter.

In line with national junior honor society essay (njhs essay) as example, eighth grade students wear the cape that identifies them as a chapter member in their graduation, as long as they have maintained excellent qualities of academic excellence, leadership, character and service.

National honors society essay: people with disabilities

People often make wrong assumptions when it comes to an individual with a disability. Our modern culture has negative images of people with disabilities. The world believes that someone has a disability, their standards and expectations must be lower. I, as a student with a visual disability, feel insulted by this. An incapacitated person can have the same results as their peers if they have the right skills, motivation and determination to do so. One thing that refers me to the rest is the fact that I do not accept a “NO” answer. If something does not work the first time, I return to consider my situation, and I think of other ways of approaching the same problem until I arrive at the best solution.

My biggest contribution to the Northbrook High School division of the National Honor Society (National Honor Society) is to publicize the views of people who have misinformation about me. Even some of my classmates who attend me in elementary school. Although I would like this to be true, it is not. I have to make the same effort, and many times more. By becoming a member of the National Honor Society, the proof of the whole fact of being blind does not mean that it is not the same potential to be successful as the rest.

Another fact that motivated me to present the application to be a member of the National Honor Society is to promote academic success throughout the school. Many students entered with the mentality that Northbrook is a school where academic achievement is not emphasized. However, what I learned in my four years on campus is that the school can be as good or as bad as one chooses. From my point of view, the school offers all the opportunities to improve those who want to do it.

The final and most personal reason why I would like to join the NHS is to show my younger brother that everything can be achieved if one tries hard enough. The quality of the national honor society is a significant achievement. There are people whom he admires for his tireless efforts to improve, and I would like others like him for me. Perhaps the most intelligent person, the most talented, or the most popular, but whatever does the best way to do it.