How to write a good report of a book

The book reports are intended to express the ability of understanding, interpretation and synthesis of the student. Learn the keys to write a good report.

University students face a diary of diverse languages, procedures, themes and genres that they must try to integrate to enrich their training. This is not a simple task, but there are ways to alleviate the weight of so much knowledge. One way to do this is through detailed reports of books that can be useful when studying for an exam, carrying out a project or a thesis. Learn below the best way to make a report.

How to write book report template is not only shown as a useful tool to assess the ability to synthesize and how to prioritize the student, but also an interesting source for the study. Take into account some of the keys on how to write book report ideas that are found on the portal.


Read in depth, for example Their Eyes Were Watching God, and have a dictionary at hand, as well as a notebook to take notes. Take the time to take notes only when you call your attention powerfully or something interesting to highlight (an appointment, for example). Remember to register the page number. Between the two readings they try to rest and write down the reactions they have had in front of the book. It may be useful later.


Make sure to focus the report on a topic, if you want to realize in the characters and in the story, in the sense that it is a book.


According to the format of literature review, it includes an introductory paragraph, a body of three to five paragraphs that highlight the fundamentals of the book and finally a paragraph of a conclusion mode that summarizes the final concepts.


A way of summary, a pre-write, a formula to realize the fundamental concepts and reveal the approach you will give to the report.

We also try to include citations or references that wish to work on the development of the paragraph. Use headings, while working on how to write book report assignment, and below the subtitles to make it easier for you. Remember that these annotations are for your personal use.

Structure of the book report or how to write book report outline?


The initial paragraph has a description of the book, the characters and the concepts that are proposed.

Body of the report

The second paragraph should include a clear and concise description of the characters, with the background and their personality. Briefly explain the conflict around which the plot develops.

In the following paragraphs he relates the journey of the main character and the outcome of the story. Do not focus on the details but on the way in which the conflict is resolved. Direct your attention to the teaching or the lesson the character has learned.


Discuss the ending here and present your impressions and reflections about the book. Try to synthesize (three to five sentences) and remember that you must express quickly. Match the history of the book with personal events and if we consider it, add a criticism, as long as you can justify it.

How to write book report: technical issues

We can define the report as the document in which a problem is studied in order to transmit information, present conclusions, ideas and, sometimes, recommendations.

The three fundamental rules to follow while writing reports: Accuracy, Concision and Clarity.


Stage I. Preparation

Stage II. Material management

Stage III. Drafting

Stage IV. Revision


1. Objective. The task that has been entrusted must be determined exactly. Also I know it should form a clear idea of ​​the subject, scope and purpose of the report.

2. The reader. The possible reader should be taken into account and any of the following questions:

  • What is it that the reader wants to know?
  • What do you already know?
  • How can I enrich or increase your current knowledge?
  • What kind of terminology will you have to use to understand me?
  • What use will you make of my report?

3. Material. It is necessary to collect facts and ideas about the subject matter and take note of all the facts and ideas that are collected. You should always leave a record written.


There are ten points that will facilitate the concise, logical and orderly writing of the report.

1. Write a short and direct phrase, so that you can use best debate topics for students, that expresses the purpose that is set. This will serve to check if you have understood the task to be executed.

2. Analyze all the facts and ideas collected. Eliminate all superfluous or non-superfluous material contribute.

3. Analyze carefully the subdivision of the material to modify it if necessary.

4. The order in which the different groups of material will be presented must be decided. These groups will constitute the sections or chapters of the report.

5. Sort the material that integrates each section so that the reader can follow it easily. The reading should take the reader gradually from the known to the new.

6. Make sure that conclusions or recommendations conform to the facts.

7. To rigorously analyze the title of the report and that of each one of the chapters. Title You must identify the subject and not just describe it.

8. Consideration should be given to using illustrations to complete or replace parts of the text. A well-presented graphic is a, often, more effective than a whole page written.

9. Consider the convenience of putting footnotes. The notes can be used in the following cases:

  • To indicate the source of the citations or references mentioned in the text.
  • To indicate the name of authorities in the matter or complementary sources of information.
  • To explain points in the text that may be obscure to certain readers.

10. Examine if it is possible to draw some specific details from the body of the text and put them in appendices.


1. Style. The tone that will be given to the text must be decided. Commercial reports, scientists and technicians generally require a balanced, clear and commercial exposure. TO Sometimes, a bold or controversial style is justified.

2. Ordination. When writing a report, keep in mind that the alphabetical order or Numerical paragraphs or points of each section facilitates the reader’s task.

3. Illustrations. When writing the text, you should think about the illustrations; so finally it will achieve a good coordination between the written and the figures.

4. Introduction. The report needs an introduction, which can be drafted in the end. The introduction is the part dedicated to the general presentation of the material.

5. Sections and appendices.

6. Conclusion.

7. List of references. If the text of the report contains numerous references to other publications or documents, it is useful to prepare a separate bibliographic appendix.

8. Index. There are readers who prefer to know the titles of the sections of the report without having that read the document in its entirety. Consequently, an index will have to be prepared.


Once the draft is finished, it is convenient to make an objective critique of the report.

How to write book report rubric is one of the main theme that each student is face with. will do our best to provide you with all necessary information and support!