If you are challenged with writing a personal statement in your application’s essay, you are not alone. Thousands of school graduates struggle with preparing quality papers including their personal statement for college.

There are a few obstacles that you need to overcome when writing a personal essay statement:

  1. A lack of experience;
  2. Overcoming topic block when you don’t know what else to write on the chosen essay’s topic;
  3. Taking and proving your position in a written paper. This is the most common problem among the first-grade students who learn how to structure a personal statement, write it according to the school’s rules and presenting it in front of the class;
  4. Overcome the problem of “tunnel vision” when you don’t see and prove the different viewpoints of the chosen topic.

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The trick is that you are not protected from a failure with your personal statement in an essay, even if you are the best student in your graduate school and know how to write essays. As a beginner, you will still have issues with writing a college personal statement in a unique way, with all necessary requirements, and in a timely manner. Besides, with many other assignments in your schedule finding enough time for the top-notch essay writing can be very challenging. Another widespread problem is that many students simply fail to write a personal statement convincingly enough to impress teachers.

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